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Abstract Background

Our History

The World is facing the beginning of a new period which is being reshaped by new dynamics of economy and developing markets. The changing balances that sprung from our geography, especially in our region, brought the need and the search for alternative roadmaps.

Regarding the above stated, Turkey is the only country that can fully execute the economy and trade diplomacy of the region, we as the pioneers of our country in economics, politics and diplomacy that accomplished crucial achievements in the foretold areas, decided to form the International Cooperation Platform (ICP). By bringing together the regional investors, entrepreneurs and politicians we aimed to implement various projects and by doing so this organization is to contribute to the execution of Turkey’s regional economy and trade diplomacy.

First of the Bosphorus Summits convened on 3rd – 4th – 5th of December 2010 with the main theme of Future of International Relations and Regional Cooperation Opportunities with an attendance of 963 attendees from 17 countries. The event which brought together the region’s major political and economic representatives, created awareness and contributed to the commercial success of the conversion of potential collaborations.

The second Bosphorus Summit convened on 23rd – 24th – 25th of November 2011 with the main theme of New Partnerships and Trust Based Relationships with Neighbors with the attendance of over 1400 attendees from 36 countries. The attendees of the summit which is 36 countries is reaching purchasing power of 3.3 Trillion Dollars. With the encouragement of Jordan’s Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Mr. Yahya Musa Kisbi, Republic of Turkey’s economic cooperation with Jordan have strengthend. Pre-Interviews were conducted between ICP’s sponsors, foreign bureaucrats and businesspeople from all over world.

On 13th-14th-15th of December 2012, The Third Bosphorus Summit was held with the main theme of Restructuring The Global Order and The Potential of Eurasia with the participation of over 1600 attendees from over 40 countries. The openning speech was made by the President of the Republic of Turkey H.E. Abdullah Gül and the summit was hosted by TİM.

The agreement of the 80 Billion Dollar Elbus Project was first signed in the Third Bosphorus Summit with the Russian Federation. One of our panelists, women rights activist Shad Begum from Pakistan had the chance to present her Micro Financing Project to Al Baraka’s Turkey representatives. One of our sponsors “Artoc” had signed many preliminary protocols with other companies through out the three-day summit. Unbuso, also one of ICP’s sponsors, had the chance to promote their product “Inreal Technology 3D” and got the attention of the participants, increasing their sales.

After three succesfull summits ICP’s Fourth Bosphorus convened on 20th-21st-22nd of November 2013. The leitmotif of the summit hosted by TİM was “Middle East and North Africa in Global Sustainable Competitiveness” and the summit took place in Four Seasons Bosphorus. Nearly 1700 participants attended the summit from 51 countries. The Platform served as a rallying point for the leaders of today and tomorrow to tackle the current economic and social issues. Leading statesmen, entrepreneurs, businesspeople and opinion makers came together to discuss current challenges, potential solutions and future opportunities, with a special focus on our region. Previously determined by the network appointments, a total of 370 million US Dollars agreements signed between Turkish firms, China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the participating companies from Algeria. (in the areas of Health Tourism, Construction & Agriculture)

The Fifth Bosphorus Summit convened on 10th-11th-12th December,2014 at Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel Istanbul with the main theme of ‘Changing Scenarios of Tomorrow: Capturing Complexities and Cultivating Dialogues. The Summit with over 100 speakers from 70 countries and 1992 participants is considered as successfully concluded. Kuwait was treated as a focus country and Kuwait Culture Night held in this context provided opportunities for mutual investment between the two countries. During the summit, business representatives from United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Morocco and members of the Turkish private sectors signed a preliminary agreement for 560 million dollars as a result of a 3-day business meeting.

The Sixth Bosphorus Summit convened at Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul on 9 th -10 th -11 th December,2015 with the main theme of ‘Eradicating Poverty and Growing Prosperity at the Grassroots Level’. ‘Qatar’was the focus country of the Sixth Bosphorus Summit. The summit attracted a lot of international attention with 130 speakers from 80 countries and almost 2000 participants. Prominent institutions such as UNDP, World Bank, Oxford University (OXGAPS) and International Energy Agency co organized panels during 6th Bosphorus Summit as well.

The Seventh Bosphorus Summit has been convened at Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel İstanbul on 29th – 30th of November and 1st of December 2016 with the Opening Dinner on 28th of November 2016 with the leitmotif ”Global Goals; Global Future”. 2200 attendees from 90 countries attended the 7th Bosphorus Summit.

The Eighth Bosphorus Summit has been convened in Istanbul on 27th-28th-29th-30th of November 2017 with the participation of 2400 attendees from 72 countries under the leitmotif of ”The Design of Future; The New Challange of Globalization”.

The Ninth Bosphorus Summit has been convened at Four Seasons Hotel at the Bosphorus in Istanbul on 25th- 26th-27th-28th November, 2018 with the participation of 196 speakers , 81 countries and 2000 attendees. The Summit Leitmotif is “Sustaining Peace and Development for All”.

The Tenth Bosphorus Summit in 2019, has been convened on 27-29 November at Ciragan Palace-Kempinski Hotel with the participation of over 2600 persons and representatives from 87 countries. The leitmotif of the summit is "Towards a New World Order" with the subtheme of "Human Oriented Development: Technology, Ethics, and Governance".

The Elleventh Bosphorus Summit in 2021, has been convened in a hybrid format on March 8th-9th at Conrad Bosphorus Hotel İstanbul with the participation of 5300 persons (335 physical) from 43 countries under the leitmotif '' Living in an Age of Uncertainty''. 

The 12th Bosphorus Summit was held in İstanbul on December 6th and 7th 2021 under the leitmotif ‘’ MEETING THE CHALLENGES FOR A BETTER WORLD ‘’. The succesfuly concluded summit enjoyed 675 physical and over 10.000 online participants from 49 countries.

Sincerely yours,

Founder of ICP