Saleh A. Mutabbakani

İcra Kurulu Eş Başkanı

Global Danışmanlar Kurulu Başkanı

Saleh Abdullah Mutabbakani is a Saudi businessman and strategic consultant with three decades of practical experience and a lengthy record of serving client needs in commerce, contracting, transportation, industry, defense, security,education, healthcare, and public relations. He has provided services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia—to members of the royal family, businesses large and small, and top educational and cultural entities—as well as to a large number of clients around the globe.
Saleh A. Mutabbakani (SAM) brings deep knowledge and innate “feel” for both the Arabian and International cultures having worked in both the political and business arenas across cultures.
SAM is a public affairs advisor with a discrete specialty service for individuals and firms of high net worth and influence.
SAM is experienced in nurturing strategic relationships that serve a range of ambitions and interests.
SAM maintains a diverse network of associates and working partners across the USA, including former American cabinet officials, members of Congress, senior military officers, leading government affairs firms, and a premier global communications company.
Mutabbakani holds a degree in sociology from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.