Ceren Çerçiler

UİP İcra Kurulu Başkan Yardımcısı, İnside Counsels Danışmanı

Ceren Cerciler is an international strategy developer and business consultant. Her international experience in the fields of business liaison and government relations has been applied to the development of bilateral or multilateral economic relations in emerging markets. Today, she builds accurate strategies and targeted networks to form successful, mutually beneficial businesses in new and unfamiliar markets such as Sub-Saharan Africa, the GCC and Turkey.
Her living and working experience in 9 countries – mostly in Turkey, Spain and Saudi Arabia – is an asset in performing cross country relations. After completing her Master’s Degree in European Studies from the University of Wales at age of 21, she started applying such knowledge and experience, working in an International Consultancy in Madrid for 4 years. She headed several projects for the Consultancy in various countries such as Indonesia, Turkey, Tanzania and Angola.
Since 2005 she has been working independently for the formation of bilateral diplomatic and economic relations for the Government of Turkey in Sub-Saharan Africa. She worked together with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey in forming the first diplomatic relations with Angola and Mozambique. She organized joint Ministerial meetings among these countries, followed by strategy building in enhancing economic relations by way of organization of Trade Fairs and Forums, as well as one-on-one high level business liaison among state-owned or private companies.
Among these companies are Turkey’s biggest construction company, the one of Africa’s biggest diamond company Endiama, and others in the construction, mining, health, and trade sectors.
Ceren Cerciler has also been active in strategy development and business relations among the African nations. In 2006, she worked as an advisor and intermediator between the Ministries of Geology and Mines of 18 African countries for the foundation of the African Diamond Producing Countries Association (ADPA).
Ceren Cerciler also uses media relations as a way of enhancing cross country relations and has been working with CNN International, CNBC and other international and local media channels.
Ceren Cerciler is trilingual in English, Turkish, Spanish and a fluent speaker of Portuguese.