about the 12th Bosphorus Summit

Our world, which is going through difficult times with the Covid-19 pandemic; has shown us that we need to be more sensitive in our individual and social decisions and develop an environmental responsibility awareness in order to protect the natural resources that have become insufficient as a result of climate change, population growth and unbalanced consumption.

As the International Cooperation Platform (ICP), the 12th Bosphorus Summit, with the theme "Meeting the Challenges  for a Better World"; we brought together renowned business people and world leaders at the Conrad Hotel Istanbul on December 6-7 to strengthen international dialogue and encourage the establishment of new collaborations.

12th Bosphorus Summit dealt with sustainability in three different aspects as economic, social and environmental and continued to develop not only with organic ties between governments but also with the contributions of non-governmental organizations in order to develop global cooperation.

In our summit themed Meeting the Challenges for a Better World, we defined the main principles that we discussed regarding sustainable development and talked about establishing healthy cooperations under 12 main headings.

  1.  To work for a world where production and consumption dynamics are sustainable and poverty and hunger are eliminated.
  2.  To strengthen women's employment opportunities by enriching human relations and raising awareness about gender equality.
  3.  To protect environmental and ecological sustainability by eliminating human-induced environmental damage.
  4.  To validate a global law and a global health insurance system.
  5.  To provide the necessary gains regarding world citizenship and cultural diversity at an international level.
  6.  To expand infrastructure and develop technology to provide sustainable energy services.
  7.  To remove the borders between the countries of the region by developing a global strategy for international employment opportunities.
  8.  To make joint investments by supporting inclusive and sustainable industrialization.
  9.  To establish cooperation for common purposes as peaceful, fair, strong and reliable institutions.
  10. To emphasize the social and economic importance of digitalization in in-house healthcare.
  11. To use digitalization to improve the efficiency of the process and increase data quality.
  12. To increase the awareness of disarmament and security to have positive impact on sustainable peace.