Green Energy Panel

Green energy, produced by natural resources and which does not harm the environment, is significantly vital because it does not emit carbon dioxide and methane, in other words greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

In the 12th Bosphorus Summit, Mehmet Ali Neyzi who is a member of the Honorary Board in ICP, moderated the Green Energy Panel which was discussed with Mithat Rende, Zeljiko Selak, Halil Demirdağ and Mehmet Özer.

It was spoken that green energy is commonly generated by renewable energy sources; yet, not all renewable energy sources are green, as green energy necessitates pollution-free resources. Moreover, since fossil fuels do not provide a sustainable solution to our energy demands and pollute the environment, they must be phased out.

On the other hand, solar power which captures sunlight and converts it to electricity, is one of the most common sources. Wind power, similarly generates electricity by combining the potential of air flow.

We will be better prepared for a more environmentally friendly future and our world will be more sustainable if we can use energy that meets our industrial and transportation demands while leaving no carbon footprint.