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Our Mission


Enhance proactive multilateral and inter-disciplinary cooperation.

Stimulate a new level of global cooperation.

Generate result-based dialogues and fostering numerous public and private partnerships.

Create reciprocal economic dependencies for stability.

Our History

The World is facing the beginning of a new period which is being reshaped by new dynamics of economy and developing markets. The changing balances that sprung from our geography, especially in our region, brought the need and the search for alternative roadmaps.

Regarding the above stated, Turkey is the only country that can fully execute the economy and trade diplomacy of the region, we as the pioneers of our country in economics, politics and diplomacy that accomplished crucial achievements in the foretold areas, decided to form the International Cooperation Platform (ICP). By bringing together the regional investors, entrepreneurs and politicians we aimed to implement various projects and by doing so this organization is to contribute to the execution of Turkey’s regional economy and trade diplomacy.

First of the Bosphorus Summits convened on 3rd – 4th – 5th of December 2010 with the main theme of Future of International Relations and Regional Cooperation Opportunities with an attendance of 963 attendees from 17 countries. The event which brought together the region’s major political and economic representatives, created awareness and contributed to the commercial success of the conversion of potential collaborations.

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