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Dr. Abdulaziz Sager

Dr. Abdulaziz Sager

Founding Chairman, Gulf Research Center

Kurucu Başkan, Körfez Araştırma Merkezi


A Saudi expert on Gulf politics and strategic issues, Dr. Abdulaziz Sager is the founder and Chairman of the Gulf Research Center, a global think tank based in Saudi Arabia with a well-established presence and worldwide network of partners and offices in both the Gulf region and Europe. In addition to having authored and edited numerous publications, Dr. Sager frequently contributes on major international media channels such as Al Arabiya, France 24, CNN and BBC. Dr. Sager has also chaired and moderated the Syrian opposition meetings in Riyadh in 2015 and 2017. Dr. Sager holds a Ph.D in Politics and International Relations from Lancaster University, with a focus on Gulf security affairs.


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